50 Photos of Iconic Los Angeles, Each with A Story to Tell

By Kate B.
Kurt Hutton / Stringer / Gettyimages.com

1951 Hollywood Cinema in Los Angeles

Los Angeles was a much different place in the early and mid-1900's. Here are 50 Historical photos of Los Angeles. By 1913, Cecil B. de Mille was shooting movies in the area. Soon after, Hollywood was annexed by Los Angeles. Los Angeles became the center of the entertainment industry and oil industry.

Los Angeles has withstood, violent mobs and riots, major earthquakes, natural disasters like the many wildfires, Rodney King beating, 1932 Olympics and so much more. In 1950, Los Angeles' population was 1,970,358 and today the population is 12,447,000. 

Many motion pictures have been set in Los Angeles. This theatre was showing "Pagan Love Song" and "Mrs. O'Malley & Mr. Malone." Hollywood Theater was the 2nd theatre and was opened in 1913. Hollywood Theatre was operated for years by Fox West Coast.  

Hollywood Theatre was closed in 1991 and remodeled  as a Guinness Book of Records Museum.  The initial admission price was $0.10, and there were never any interior photos except what we see in the movies. The marquee, vertical, and some exterior detail are the only features remaining.