50 Images From The Days of Prohibition

By Rosunnara R.

Protesters Hold "We Want Beer" Signs, 1931

Between the years 1920 and 1933, the sale, transportation, and manufacturing of ALL alcoholic beverages were entirely outlawed throughout the United States. It became law with the 18th Amendment, shortly after WWI. This period of time saw an influx of organized crime, the Great Depression, and ended as a failure in 1933. 

Take a look at these 50 photos from the era.

We Want Beer/Getty Images

Protesters march down Broad Street in Newark, NJ, holding American flags and signs saying "We Want Beer." 1,500 labor union men, 36 bands (made up of over 800 musicians), and 20 labor unions gathered to take to the streets on October 30th for anti-prohibition demonstrations. Thousands of citizens came out to support as well.

Newspapers like The Sun said it was "one of the largest and most impressive" anti-prohibition demonstrations of the time. Just over two later, their wishes would come to fruition when the 21st Amendment passed This photo shows the head of the parade that day.